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FAQ & Policies


 I will not be held responsible for stolen or lost parcels. Please see shipping FAQ below to see specific times and shipping methods for domestic and international.

 If you are OUTSIDE THE U.S. please be aware if your country has an import tax. Your items may be held at customs if you do not pay and that could be why they are held up. It is your responsibility to know the import price/rules for your country. These custom fees are the customer’s responsibility to pay, not Cat Coven’s. I will not mark your item as a “gift” or change the price because it is illegal and I could be fined.


I'm a retailer and would like to do wholesale with you!

Great! Send an email to telling me a bit about your shop! 


What clothing do you use? What are the sizing measurements?

I print on American Apparel. Please check out the sizing charts page. 

*Now that AA has dissolved I have switched to Bella & Canvas. The sizing is basically the same, maybe give or take an inch. For unisex t-shirt you might get an AA shirt if the stock is still there or you might get B&C if I've had to restock a design. Let me know if you have a preference or any questions. B&C are WRAP certified which means they are upholding good work ethics. Read more about it here:

The American Apparel scoop necks are currently in the sale section. From now on the new women's shirt is the Bella and Canvas slouchy tee. 


Processing time?

Small items (pins, patches etc) can take around 2-7 days depending on volume of orders at that time.

Big items (tshirts, dresses, etc) may need to be printed (made to order) if not in stock currently. I ask please for 2-3 weeks to get printing done before shipping.

If you need your item sooner or for a specific date please message me and I’ll add it to the top of my list!


How does Cat Coven do shipping? 

For US (Domestic mail): Patches and pins are sent as first class in bubble mailers. It can take about a week once shipped. There is tracking available.  

Bigger items (Tshirts, dresses, pillows, etc) can be sent first class or as priority mail. Priority includes a tracking number, insurance and can take 1-3 days once shipped. First class will take longer, has limited tracking and and does not have insurance. If you are worried about your order being lost or damaged while shipping I strongly suggest ordering priority mail. 

Prints (Anything flat): sent in a flat mailer with plastic sleeve and sturdy cardboard. Shipped as first class with tracking available, or priority if you prefer. Priority includes a tracking number, insurance and can take 1-3 days once shipped. First class will take longer, has limited tracking and and does not have insurance. If you are worried about your order being lost or damaged while shipping I strongly suggest ordering priority mail. 

International mail: All items are sent first class. There is limited tracking but no guaranteed delivery date. It can take up to two weeks to reach you once shipping. Sometimes it takes a few days to show up in the USPS international tracking system and not all countries keep this information updated. 

Pillows: Because they are big and weigh 2-3 pounds they are more expensive to ship, especially if international. 

*MAKE SURE your address is correct. I cannot be held responsible if you give me the wrong address and it's shipped there.

*If your item is lost in the mail it is not my responsibility to refund you. 


I think my item is lost?

Please take these steps before contacting me:

1) Wait a few extra days. Sometimes the process is slow at certain times of the year (winter holidays especially). If you are in the US: sometimes it may say “delivered” on your tracking number before it has reached your house.

2) Check with neighbors, roommates or office coworkers in case they have taken your package by mistake.

3) Go to your local post office and inquire (make sure to bring a tracking # or any other specifics you have about your package).

4) If none of these have worked send me a message and we can figure something out!


Do you take custom orders?

Sometimes. It depends on my schedule when you ask me and what your timeline is. I will not resize a patch for you though.

Send all inquiries to





Tshirts and dresses are 100% cotton jersey material. Unisex tanks are 50% cotton and 50% poly. They are NOT pre-shrunk so they will probably shrink if you wash and dry them in a machine. I suggest hand washing or air drying if you don't want it to shrink, or if you're really worried, buy a size up. 

The Bella & Canvas slouchy women's tees are 65% poly and 35% viscose. I suggest hand washing to keep the print fresh but it's completely fine to put it in the washing machine and dryer as well. For machine wash follow instructions on the label. Because it is mostly poly material be VERY careful when ironing (use lowest setting and also see shirt label for details). 

Patches are 100% kona cotton and washable! Safe to be ironed as well. 


Returns? Exchanges?

Custom orders are NOT returnable. 

All other items have a two week period (once the item reaches you) to be returned for a refund or exchanged. Customer will pay for shipping both ways. 

*Make sure your address is correct because if it is NOT correct and is shipped to the wrong location, no refund or sending of the items again can happen.*


Can I get a specific design of yours tattooed?

I prefer you to e-mail me about this rather than just check this FAQ page. I think it is very important to personally ask the artist's permission. If you do not ask my permission and go ahead and get it tattooed on your body anyway, this makes me bit uncomfortable. 

But I'm glad you like my work! I just ask you please support my shop by at least buying a patch or pin since my images are how I make a living. Having my design on your skin is quite flattering but it does not pay my bills. 

Please e-mail

(This question also applies to any images on my illustration website,

I will not do a custom tattoo design for you. Just find a tattoo artist you like to do it and then tattoo it from them!


Have a question that's not on this page?



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