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Cat Coven was created by Kjersti Faret, an illustrator and crafter based in Brooklyn, NY. It is a lifestyle brand for the weirdos, the magical and the feminists. 

Currently, Kjersti designs and prints all of Cat Coven's products herself. The shop began in 2013 while Kjersti was studying at the School of Visual Arts. She put up her work on Etsy just to get it out of her work space. A love for making items people could hold and use was nurtured and evolved into the shop that is Cat Coven today. Kjersti's imagery is influenced by her interest in the occult, feminism, cats and heathenism.

For now Cat Coven is still a one-woman-shop operation. This means the owner, Kjersti, does the designing, printing, shipping, etc herself. 

All clothing used for printing is American Apparel brand. Made in the USA. Sweatshop free. *Now that AA has dissolved, Cat Coven will be switching to Bella & Canvas. They are WRAP certified. Learn more here

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