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SALE // Rebirth - Crew Neck T-shirt

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*Originally $25 now $20!*

The imagery is printed in silver ink.

Please note that all items in this shop are hand-printed therefore ink opacity may vary from print to print

See second photo for details or hover over image to zoom in. 

100% jersey cotton Bella & Canvas unisex t-shirt

Model is wearing a large

Sizing chart is under "Info" -> "Sizing Charts" 

Washable (hand wash is recommended to keep the print extra fresh but is completely fine being washed in machine. See tag for details.) These shirts are not pre-shrunk so they will probably shrink if you wash and dry them in a machine. I suggest hand washing or air drying if you don't want it to shrink, or buy a size up. 

Please allow 1-2 weeks for items to be made, in case it is not in stock. If you need the item very soon please send me a message.


Mortality weighs heavy on humans. I find solace in knowing I’m part of something greater - part of an eternal cycle of renewal. With that knowledge we can hopefully live a little easier and trek through this life with more strength.

Ouroboros is an old motif for the cycle of life, juxtaposed with the poppies behind it, which are a symbol of death. Luna moths represent transformation and life. Acorns, which eventually grow into giant oak trees symbolize potential and strength as well as immortality and life in Nordic and Celtic cultures.



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