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SALE // Queen of Cats - Unisex/Men Tshirt

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Freyja is the Norse Goddess associated with sexuality, beauty, love, fertility, war and death. She has many titles, one of them being “Queen of Cats.” Often she is depicted riding her chariot drawn by cats and being totally badass. So all cat ladies unite, and praise the beautiful original cat lady by wearing her image upon your breast.

The imagery is printed in white non-toxic, eco-friendly ink with gold accents

Please note that all items in this shop are hand-printed therefore ink opacity may vary and the final product may differ very slightly from the photo

100% Jersey Cotton black American Apparel Men/Unisex Cut Tee
Model is wearing a Large. Sizing chart is available in the "sizing chart" section of website.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for items to be made, in case it is not in stock. If you need the item very soon please send me a message.

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