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SALE ✷LIMITED EDITION✷ Glow-In-The-Dark "Safe Travels" Screenprint

  • 2000

*Originally $35, now $20*

Limited Edition of 27!

The paper measures 11 x 14 inches. Each print has been hand signed, numbered and titled by the artist, Kjersti Faret. She hand printed them as well as drew the image.

White ink and glow-in-the-dark ink on black archival paper. 

*Please note: to get it to glow make sure it's been sitting in light for a little bit so it can be absorbed. Since photographing is very difficult in the dark, the last image gives you a taste of what the glow can look like. It will be brighter if left in light longer and clearer in person than in the photo. The parts that glow include: the two bind runes, the moon, some lightning (when overlapping on white ink) and of course, the ship. A raven of Odin appears on the ship's as it glows. 

It will be shipped safely in a flat mailer with a cardboard insert to insure sturdiness and a plastic sleeve to also protect it.
It may take a few days or a week before it ships. If you need it urgently please send a message.


This illustration incorporates symbols from Norse magick on the top and bottom parts of the frame. Much speculation has been said about each bind rune but this is what is commonly known. Vegvisir is the one of the bottom. The Galdrabók (an Icelandic grimoire from ca. 1600) says “If this sign is carried, one will never lose one’s way in storms or bad weather, even when the way is not known.” On top, nesting between the two ravens of Odin, is Ægishjálmur which literally means “helm of awe.” Ægishjálmur works both ways: as a sacred protection stave or to terrorize one’s enemies. Spinning my own style on Viking carvings, ships and Norse magick, I created an image that is about journeying and surviving through life’s treacherous obstacles.

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