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Cat Coven - Handmade Banner

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☆ LIMITED EDITION ☆ Series of 4 

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The imagery was hand printed in silver ink on black cotton fabric

Sewn on a machine and by hand. Backed with felt for sturdiness. Felt colors vary from gray, black or glitter black. The back is signed and numbered

A wooden dowel rod is inside the top of the banner. The hanging string on top is acrylic yarn 

Spot clean only. Indoor use only
13 x 13.5 inches

A quartz crystal has been sewn onto the tip of the banner. Size and shape of crystal may vary. Quartz is a great stone to utilize while meditating as it clears the mind, which aids in reaching higher realms within yourself. 

*SHIPPING SUGGESTION: If you are in the US please consider choosing the priority mail option. It is only a few dollars more and comes with some insurance and quicker delivery. 

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