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SALE // Hierarchy - Mineral-Wash T-shirt

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The imagery is hand printed in eco-friendly, non-toxic white ink. Please note that because all items in this shop are hand-printed therefore ink opacity may vary from print to print

Hover over image to zoom in. 

100% cotton Bella & Canvas unisex wide-neck t-shirt. Mineral wash is unique like tie-dye so the fabric tones may vary a little from photo. 

Model is wearing a large.

Because of the wide neck and larger sleeves, these shirts feel a lot looser than the standard crew-necks so beware, you might want to size down if you already feel a standard tee can sometimes feel too big.

Sizing chart is under "Info" -> "Sizing Charts" -> "Tshirts" - >"Unisex" 

Washable (hand wash is recommended to keep the print extra fresh but is completely fine being washed in machine. See tag for details.) These shirts are not pre-shrunk so they will probably shrink if you dry them in a machine. 


Everything appears symmetrical but when you look closely you'll notice things are off, or not perfectly the same as they are on the left as they are on the right. Some people feel anxiety at the imperfections, which minimally mimics the anxiety we feel when gazing into the unknown or Death and its power over us. The imagery is inspired by ornamental decor in Cathedrals, specifically Stavanger domkirke in Stavanger, Norway. 

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